Added December 2008

How can I get the Android Developer Phone 1?
To purchase an Android Dev Phone 1, you must be registered as a developer on the Android Market site. From within your developer account on Android Market, you may purchase the device by clicking the “Purchase” link. To accommodate demand, there is a limit of 1 device per developer account. Learn more.

Added November 2007

What is Android™ and how is it different?
Android is a complete mobile phone software stack. It includes everything a manufacturer or operator needs to build a mobile phone. Android has been made available as open source via the Apache v2 license. Android was designed from the ground up to enable the best user experience possible on a mobile phone. It leverages web and Internet content to provide advanced services such as mobile mashups.

Why did you pick the Apache v2 open source license?
Apache is a commercialr–friendly open source license. The Apache license allows manufacturers and mobile operators to innovate using the platform without the requirement to contribute those innovations back to the open source community. Because these innovations and differentiated features can be kept proprietary, manufacturers and mobile operators are protected from the “viral infection” problem often associated with other licenses.

When will Android be available?
The SDK is now available.

What are the benefits of this platform to developers?
Developers can take advantage of a comprehensive platform that gives them full access to the device, enabling them to develop innovative, integrated applications and more compelling services. Developers will also appreciate the rich built-in libraries that bring powerful and well-developed functionality that can easily be integrated into applications built for the platform. Open Handset Alliance members also plan to make it easier for platform developers to distribute and commercialize their applications.

Can you tell me more about Android’s architecture?
You can learn more via the Developer page of this site.

If the Open Handset Alliance is giving it all away for free, how will the platform be differentiated?
Because the Apache license does not have a copyleft clause, industry players can add proprietary functionality to their products based on Android without needing to contribute anything back to the platform. As the entire platform is open, companies can remove functionality if they choose. Applications are not set in stone, and differentiation is always possible. For example, if you want to include Hotmail instead of Gmail, it will not be an issue.

How will the open source effort be managed?
There is a publicly accessible repository, similar to how the Linux kernel is managed. Each platform module has been assigned an owner who validates contributions, and new module additions are governed by the original contributor.

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